Studio Zee

Handmade, ethinc chic inspired jewellery yet still feeling contemporary. Not defined by momentary trends but rather a timeless modern bohemian flavour.

After a long intense career in Fashion retail heading up Retail Operations for some of Australia's much loved brands, by Studio Zee was first born in 2005 creating a hugely successful wholesale jewellery brand all handmade by Mum, my sister and myself. Off I would go with my suitcase selling to the coolest boutiques and lifestyle stores all across Australia.

Then came the birth of my first child which put a stop to the travelling and as the family grew the business was put on the back burner.

The last few years has seen by Studio Zee re-emerge with a sophisticated, bohemian, more luxe feel. Gone are the big bold glass and wooden beads. Instead,  the use of silver, gold and gold plating with the most incredible hand picked gemstones sourced from India and Indonesia. I wanted to create pieces that I never wanted to take off, pieces that were timeless and not "on trend", pieces to layer.

My love for Bali and its island life over the last 22 years meant that I had established the contacts to begin an ethical manufacturing system there to help produce by Studio Zee. All items are handmade and gemstones are hand cut. I adore our staff there and the quality is superb. The silver beading and necklaces are still made in Melbourne.

It has been my dream of an island life coupled with my Mediterranean background that has led me to design beautiful pieces that remind me of an Island girl, the beach, island hopping and a hot European Summer.

I hope you love mixing and matching your silver and gold and remember that our exquisite gemstone rings can be worn to school pick up with denim cutoffs, sneakers and a tee as well as with that favourite special dress attending a charity ball or wedding!

We hope you enjoy your by Studio Zee pieces,

With Love,

Liz Zamanis-Robinson xxx

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