Constantinos Syroukis is not just a fashion designer. He is a fashion enthusiast. After a decade in advertising and a lifetime in style Constantinos Syroukis created his own line of fashion items.

He believes in constrast, that’s why he creates minimal items with plural materials. He believes in freedom, that’s why his creations can be worn in multiple ways, by multiple people. He believes in style that never fades, that’s why he uses premium materials that last in time.

But most of all he believes that beauty has no shape, gender or rules. That’s why he created Constasy.



Constasy is about feeling free to create your own style. It’s about expressing the real you through your apparel. You don’t wear Constasy to cover yourself. You wear Constasy to reveal who you are. Like you, your snood doesn’t have just one side. So, whenever you change your mind, you change your looks.

Constasy snoods are produced in small greek knitting factories. PROUDLY 100% MADE IN GREECE.




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