Eros Omorphos

Inspired by the Hellenic words: EROS, love and O-MOR-PHOS, a beautiful soul - always.
Welcome to Eros Omorphos, a collection of richly pigmented and highly moisturising lip colours, designed to match every facet of the incredible person you are.
Inspired by the way makeup empowers people to look and feel their very best self, and helps us to show up in our lives with confidence each and every day, the Eros Omorphos collection of impactful colours is expertly curated to be there for you for every occasion - with elegant shades of nudes, vibrant and vivacious pinks, powerful peaches, and deep and daring reds.
Designed in Australia and 100% cruelty free, each Eros Omorphos lipstick is also lavished with Antioxidants, Vitamin E, Apricot Seed Oil and Vanillin for a luxurious and moisturising finish.
The entire collection is non-comedogenic and not tested on animals, and is paraben and fragrance free with the added benefit of being allergy and hypo-allergenic tested, with shades in a variety of finishes including matte, high-gloss, satin and sheer.
Transform your mood, your look, your day and your life with a simple stroke of Eros Omorphos colour - shop our collection of best selling hues online, or with our official stockists Australia wide.

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